DDB and DDBSP Basic Course

The course features an introduction and introductory training for all major components of the Dortmund data bank (DDB) and the integrated software package DDBSP.

It is available both at DDBST, Oldenburg and as an inhouse course. This course is conducted for free at our yearly User-Meetings.

The course covers the following topics:

  1. Parts of DDB/DDBSP
  2. Components and Component Lists in DDB
  3. DDB Literature Management (Lear)
  4. Pure Component Data Estimation (Artist)
  5. Pure Component and Mixture Data Retrieval and Output
  6. Pure Component Data Regression
  7. Mixture Data Regression
  8. Simultaneous Mixture Data Regression
  9. Mixture Data Estimation (UNIFAC, mod. UNIFAC, PSRK, COSMO-RS-Flavors, …)
  10. DDB Parameter Data Bank
  11. Process Synthesis
  12. Data Input
  13. Data Import and Export
  14. DDB/DDBSP and Programming

After short introductions to the different topics, participants will solve a variety of practical workshops and thus get a hands-on experience with DDB and DDBSP.
The course will cover a full day.

For inquiries please contact juergen@rarey.net.

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