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Usually my CHEMCAD Courses are two days in length, this was double time 🙂 The 8 participants from Asia and Europe were great. There were tons of questions, discussions and very nice restaurant visits in the evening: I very much thank the CTO of the company for this course and hope I could benefit their … Continue reading

Part of the ChEPS Faculty at KMUTT

I am proud to say I am now part of the faculty at ChEPS-KMUTT. For a long time I was aware of the impressive activities of the director Dr. Hong-Ming Ku (see picture below). The Chemical Engineering Practice School (ChEPS) at KMUTT was implemented in cooperation with MIT and sponsoring by public and industry and … Continue reading

CHEMCAD Basic Course Taught in Joure – The Netherlands

Two days at a pleasant company in Joure for a CHEMCAD Basic course. I think they will benefit a lot from introducing the simulator. On the way back shopping Dutch – cheese, flaa and the like 🙂 The supra still runs smooth on the highway. 250 no problem and the engine feels much cleaner now.

DECHEMA Course in Oldenburg (22.-24.10.)

I don’t know how many times I taught this course: Thermodynamische Stoffdaten fĂĽr die Synthese, Auslegung und Simulation chemischer Prozesse This time it was difficult, the course took place in the lecture time and I improvised a computer pool for 10 participants in the DDBST company office. All went well and I had a very … Continue reading

CHEMCAD Advanced Course in Berlin (17.-18.10.)

My very first advanced course for the CHEMCAD Simulator and the preparation was tough. Anyway I was able to develop numerous interesting examples like for example a dividing wall column simulation and the responses were between very good and good. Everybody gave the highest marks for my preparation 🙂 I am already looking for the … Continue reading

Further CHEMCAD Courses in 2013

After the successful CHEMCAD Introductory Course in Berlin last November, Chemstations Europe scheduled further courses for 2013 (see full list and course descriptions on their website): 18.-19. April 2013, Berlin CHEMCAD Introduction – English 13.-14. June 2013, Berlin CHEMCAD Advanced – German 17.-18. October 2013, Berlin CHEMCAD Advanced – German 14.-15. November 2013, Berlin CHEMCAD Introduction – … Continue reading