New Course Premiere “Pinch Technology for Heat Integration in CHEMCAD (Online)”

Besides Exergy Analysis, Pinch Technology is routinely applied to assess the potential of heat integration in chemical processes. It is especially appealing as it provides an easy to use graphical method to integrate lower value heating (low pressure steam, boiler feedwater) or cooling (water) utilities.

In addition, the composite and grand composite curves and process and utility pinches can suggest minor changes in process design (e.g. column pressures) that can significantly increase energy saving potential.

The course features an introduction to Pinch Technology and application using several examples in CHEMCAD.

In practice, the heat integration potential is then realized by the construction of a heat exchanger network (HEN) based on the maximum energy recovery (MER) and the minimum number of heat exchangers. This is not part of this short course.

Organized by Chemstations Europe

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