First Time !!! “Advanced Chemical Thermodynamics for Process Simulation”

This was tough, tons of preparations but worth it. We received very good feedback from the participants. Fore more information, see here.
One sad news: This was the last day for Josefine Hildebrand, who just submitted her PhD. thesis.

Thank you Josi, we will miss you a lot.


Day 1

  • Some important topic from the basic course, Fresh-up questions
  • How to select a mixture model for process simulation
  • Getting the required binary interaction parameters
  • Data regression, estimation/prediction
  • How to validate parameters? (DDB, NIST-TDE)
  • Interesting behavior of specific mixtures

Day 2

  • Distillation design using Hengstebeck and key ratio plots from rigorous simulation results
  • Extractor design using Kremser and Hunter-Nash method
  • Simulation of electrolyte mixtures (weak and strong)
  • Conceptual design (distillation)

Day 3

  • Remote control of a simulator using VBA
  • Import and export of variables
  • Nonlinear regression
  • Final workshop: extractive dividing wall column



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