Process Development Symposium Europe

AIChE / DECHEMA, Frankfurt

This was an absolute great meeting. Met a lot of interesting people from Shell, PSE, OLI, Chemstations, ….. and gave a presentation.

And I now have a personal page at AIChE:

Even met a famous person from my specific field, Kevin Joback:


Playful Exploration and Intuitive Understanding of Chemical Processes by Using Process Simulation

Jürgen Rarey, Professor, University of Oldenburg

Pascal Boewer, University of Oldenburg

Since 2012, a special MSc. Course “Chemical Process Development” has been offered to Chemistry students and foreign guests at the University of Oldenburg. Course duration is 8 weeks full day. Instead of homework, students are solving many different workshop problems in the class. The lecturers are present and available for help and discussions at any time. Group work, discussions and creative extension of the tasks are encouraged.

During the first 4 weeks, students are introduced to simulator software (both CHEMCAD and Aspen Plus), chemical thermodynamics with special focus on the models and methods in the thermodynamic engines of the simulator software, conceptual design of separation processes and pinch technology. To better understand the working of the software, one week is spend on lectures and workshops to teach practical skills in scientific programming and numerical methods. The second half of the course features novel design projects, which are worked by groups of two (sometimes three) students.

The performance of the students is judged from the observations during the course, a seminar presentation and a written report. The lectures conduct intensive presentation training with special focus on project pitching in a commercial environment.

The course is taught in the English language and hosted participants from South Africa, Thailand and Oman over the years. Several participants extended their projects within internships of 3-month duration in these countries.

The format results in a high motivation of the participants. Learning and working in a team are strongly encouraged.

Results and observations from the course will be presented in the presentation.

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