2 Week Course on Chemical Thermodynamics at ChEPS – KMUTT in Thonburi

This was a great course and I think not only for me.

There were 21 motivated and bright students and my former student, Dr. Brian Satola as a teaching assistant. We started at 9 every day and Brian and I left the room at 4.30 or 5 in the afternoon. In the second week we mostly stayed as long as the students (approx. 10 pm) to answer tons of good questions.

The best thing was that we had the impression that everybody actually enjoyed thermodynamics, which is seldom the case for students (and even grown up researchers).

On the last day the students gave a short talk of 5 to 8 min each followed by some questions and discussions and the preparation was very good in each case.

Also on a personal basis the course was extremely pleasant. We already miss the students a lot. I think some even would have liked to continue for a few days. To give you an impression, here is a photo of the group from the course dinner on the day before last:


This course was VERY special good and I look forward to teach at ChEPS regularly from now on.

5 thoughts on “2 Week Course on Chemical Thermodynamics at ChEPS – KMUTT in Thonburi

  1. You make thermodynamic become more realistic and I also realize that understanding the whole concept is much more important that remembering tons of equation and have no idea what they are. Finally, thanks for being here, the cool professor ever.😊😎

  2. I know it’s probably too late and I have no excuse.
    The whole course was very impressive! The point is all the difficulties were simplified and became more understandable + realistic. Thermodynamics used to be my worst subject all the time because I can hardly imagine how thermodynamics work in chemical engineering (we normally study from given textbooks and remember the formula, then take the exam) but after finishing your course, my attitude has changed & feel more positive. I’m not gonna lie, it’s still not my favorite but it’s not my worst subject anymore. ^^ Last but not least, you gave me inspiration! (Honestly, at that time, I almost gave up on doing my master degree.) You told me how challenge this career path is. Do you remember that you recommended me one Ted talk video? It was about how to make filthy water drinkable. It makes me realize that chemical engineer is not all about chemical and industrial plant but our knowledge can make a difference to the world and maybe also improve people’s living conditions 😉
    Thank you for being with us! Those 2 weeks were amazing~ We have never met a teacher like you before & we love you soooo much.

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