5 days in Rome

We went for 5 days to Rome to teach a CHEMCAD Basic course and enjoy the city, the food and the sightseeing. It was a terrific time 🙂

IMG_20160413_151729_1 C360_2016-04-09-10-36-16-164 C360_2016-04-09-11-05-26-185 IMG_20160328_121918_1 IMG_20160409_131010 IMG_20160410_094447 IMG_20160410_102956 IMG_20160410_105258 IMG_20160410_105759 IMG_20160410_105818 IMG_20160410_123218_1 IMG_20160410_124537 IMG_20160410_124843 IMG_20160413_110801_1 IMG_20160413_111717_1 IMG_20160413_123145_1 IMG_20160413_124154_1 IMG_20160413_124900_1 IMG_20160413_130908_1 IMG_20160413_131521_1

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