Soon going back to our Thai home :-)

We will be happy to spend May and June at our Thai home in Dankwian. For all our friends, here are some recent impressions:
IMG_20151213_092240C360_2016-02-23-07-41-40-555 C360_2016-01-30-09-16-26-484 C360_2016-02-23-07-44-36-433 C360_2016-02-23-07-44-55-635 C360_2016-02-23-07-45-34-108  C360_2016-02-23-07-46-51-001 C360_2016-02-23-07-47-11-064 C360_2016-02-23-07-47-41-572 C360_2016-02-23-07-49-22-049 C360_2016-02-23-07-50-00-789 C360_2016-02-23-07-50-51-024 C360_2016-02-23-08-25-14-122 IMG_20160205_064338 IMG_20160208_153250 IMG_20160208_153442 IMG_20160208_153449 IMG_20160208_153805


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