Publication accepted by “Chemical Reviews”

This was good news, our publication has been accepted by Chemical Reviews, a very prestigious journal 🙂

“Saturation vapor pressures and transition enthalpies of low-volatility organic molecules of atmospheric relevance: from dicarboxylic acids to complex mixtures”

Bilde, Merete; Barsanti, Kelley; Booth, Alastair; Cappa, Christopher; Donahue, Neil; Emanuelsson, Eva; McFiggans, Gordon; Krieger, Ulrich; Marcolli, Claudia; Topping, David; Ziemann, Paul; Barley, Mark; Clegg, Simon; Dennis-Smither, Benjamin; Hallquist, Mattias; Hallquist, Åsa; Khlystov, Andrey; Kulmala, Markku; Mogensen, Ditte; Percival, Carl; Pope, Francis; Reid, Jonathan; Rosenoern, Thomas; Ribeiro da Silva, Manuel; Salo, Kent; Soonsin, Vacharaporn; Yli-Juuti, Taina; Prisle, Nønne; Pagels, Joakim; Rarey, Juergen; Zardini, Alessandro; Riipinen, Ilona



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