CHEMCAD Einführungskurs (Introductory Course) in Berlin

For the very first time I gave an introductory course into the process simulation software CHEMCAD. Preparation of the course was very demanding as I had only little time. For a full week I worked the nights until 4, 5 or 6 am.

I went to Berlin on Saturday morning and stayed at A&O in Berlin Mitte, for which I had vouchers that were originally meant for a relaxing party weekend. On Monday I could discuss the course with the managing director Prof. Fricke and his sales representative Mrs. Reimer.

Everything went fine the following two days and I was back home on Wednesday night after a very short train ride (most of the time I was dead asleep).

Below are photos of the participants together with Prof. Fricke and me and Mrs. Reimer (second photo).

I am looking forward to conduct this course again in the future. Preparing the course and the examples in CHEMCAD was a lot of fun. Everything worked immediately the way it should.

Participants were asked to fill a detailed questionnaire. 100% agreed that I was well prepared and generally I received good to very good grades 🙂

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