Posted in August 2012

Kung Thai Restaurant in Durban North

Today we went to the Krung Thai Restaurant for the first but definitely not last time. The food was very delicious and the customer style match ours much more than in most other places we’ve been to. A nearly full restaurant and I did not spot one overweight person…. in South Africa! Seems we found … Continue reading

Life at Essenwood 76

The self-catering appartments at Essenwood 76 are not run by Shaun anymore. He sold and the new owners are running the place a little different but definitely more economically. Only one girl working (Maria) and she leaves at 3 pm. The place is empty except for 2 or 3 guests and we worry about security … Continue reading

Berea Market on a Sunny Saturday Morning

Rung and I paid a visit to Berea market. Lots of people, some funny things to see. On the way somehow I thought I forgot something important ….. what was it …. can’t remember….. Rung found something nice to wear her size and a beautiful ring…. I found delicious toffee 🙂

The Girl Has Arrived

Finally my wife arrived 🙂 On Joburg Airport, unlocked or unwrapped suitcases get searched and valuables get stolen!!!!! Please take care!!!!! Happened to her …..

Chaos and Tear Gas

This was a less peaceful day at the office and in the afternoon we emptied the building…. Let us see how the story continues. Some news reports can be found here: *Photos* Chaos, tear gas on UKZN campus UZKN students arrested over protest Students bring UKZN to standstill My beautiful WWW-cafe was also a bit … Continue reading

Breakfast in Musgrave Center – Durban

And if you’re tired, a little ill, it is cold and rainy and your love is far away in some other hemisphere…. There is always a reason to get up, gather your strength and get on with the race. They call it “Breakfast” (Thanx for the inspiration Lena)