Textbook “Chemical Thermodynamics for Process Simulation” Appears Today

After more than 7 years of hard work, finally the textbook “Chemical Thermodynamics for Process Simulation” is available. The book covers a wide variety of topics required for the application of thermodynamics for process development, design and simulation. Especially typical pitfalls and ranges of applicability and reliability of the commonly used model are discussed and demonstrated with the help of numerous examples.

More complicated problems are solved using e.g. the software MathCad or the free DDBSP Explorer Version.

For further details and inquires please visit the page of Wiley-VCH.

Materials Site (by Juergen Rarey)

On the materials site, a large amount of material like 300 pages of Mathcad-solution files for problems, group contribution parameter tables etc are provided for the textbook.  Additionally required parameters for examples can be found under “Problems, Solutions”.

Chemical_Thermodynamics For Process Simulation

Chemical_Thermodynamics For Process Simulation


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